Friends that Encourage you to be Impulsive are the Best Kind.

'Zero's Beach' Malibu, CA

'Zero's Beach' Malibu, CA

Japan was an unexpected trip, entirely impulsive. I leave in two days and it still doesn't feel real. 

I almost bailed a multitude of times because of financial stresses. Thankfully, my great friend base whom don't view money as a viable excuse, told me I'd be an idiot to pass this up. 

It's a trip of a lifetime. I get that. How could I back out? 

I've been traveling more than I ever have in my life this Summer. My time in Colorado have been more like layovers between trips...two days there, four days here. I do miss my family and Colorado friends but I'm happiest when I'm on the move.

So, Japan. 

Nadia Almuti, Joey Seputo, Bradley Hilton, Paul Clark, Zach Mahone, and myself are meeting up with our Japanese friends Yaku and Yoshi. They've created a full itinerary for us and are seeing to it that we paddle as many rivers as possible. 

I'm going into this fairly blind. I haven't had a huge hand in the planning. Since this was an impulsive trip and I've been fairly occupied I haven't found much time to prepare. 

I don't speak a lick of Japanese and no idea where more than half of the places are that we're staying. This will be a true test of my adaptive abilities. I'm going in with an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow from the experience. 

I want all of you to experience this journey with me. So for the next three weeks I'll be making short video edits of each day and posting them in real-time as long as I have wifi access. I want to document the highs, the lows, and everything in between. 

Currently, I'm in Malibu to surf for a couple days before the long flight. Tomorrow night I'll be meeting up with part of the crew to discuss our trip and get ready for our departure on Saturday. 

My goal is to inspire you to get out and make shit happen by pushing through the doubts, the discomfort, and the stress. I can almost guarantee it'll be worth it.