Japan Day 1: Los Angeles ----> Tokyo

I'm writing this late because I haven't had access to wifi for the past two days. We're in Japan, a day late and just now getting some wifi that's worth something. This Video is only from Day 1 of our two days of traveling. Everyone is in their sleeping bags and that's where I should be too.

We were suppose to be in Tokyo yesterday. Instead we spent the night in Beijing, China. What was suppose to be a two hour layover turned out to be 16 hours. 

We got off our flight with 10 minutes until our flight was meant to depart. We were meant by a clerk at the International Transfer desk telling us our flight is missing and we’ll have to book a new one. 

And so the adventure begins. We were ping ponged between the same two desks about five times, it didn’t seem like anyone knew what we were suppose to do. Moment of discomfort number one. 

Finally, we were directed by a woman in a gold suit, wearing a vest with the words 'Help You' embroidered on the back. Yes, please Help US! At this point it was 3 am back home.

Our flights were rebooked for the next morning at 9:30. They booked us hotel rooms for the night and issued us temporary visas to enter China, a piece of paper no bigger than my pinkie. 

As much as we would have preferred to be in Japan we were all grateful for the full nights sleep.  Despite our angst about our luggage making it everyone handled it so well and looked at it as the adventure that it is. 

We've just arrived at our friend Yaku's house, it's late here and we're all exhausted. Our sleeping pads are laid out on the porch. We'll be falling asleep to the sounds of crickets and the river. Tomorrow we head North to paddle.