Road Trip from Shinoku Island to the Main Island

We spent a lot of time in the van trying to cover as much ground as possible. We were staying with Japanese Hosts a lot of the time but the times we were sent out into the unknown on our own things got really random and interesting. There are no laws against camping in Japan. Every camp site we found has been from looking for green patches of color on a GPS in hopes there will be a piece of wilderness to lay out our sleeping pads. Each one was different and more interesting than the last. But the most impressive one was the spot Zach found on a hunch, driving on a single lane road through the forest that spit us out on an old cement fishing dock. We had no idea what it looked like when we set up the SUP fort but you'll see in this short video how the view totally made up for the sketchy smell of paint thinner and fish. 

Coming up next: Mt. Fuji