My Morning Routine

 Photo Credit: Guillermo Loria 

Photo Credit: Guillermo Loria 

I decided to stay in the states and in Colorado this Winter to add more structure and routine into my life. Living on the road, the constant movement, changing of scenery and people can be both invigorating and draining. I've always viewed Winter as an opportunity for grounding. It's been such a gift to have a bed, my own room, a kitchen to cook in, sharing a space with friends, and having consistent wifi. 

One way I've added more structure into my life is adding to my morning routine. I've always journaled first thing when I wake up, this has been a useful exercise for me throughout my life. It brings awareness to my thoughts and allows me to move into my day with a clear mind. Having a journal that you feel inspired to write in is very important! I recently discover Shinola journals, they're based out of Detroit and their paper is responsibly sourced...although it is not recycled. I have yet to find a journal manufacturer that uses recycled paper that I like. 

Following my journal entry, which is usually 30 minutes, I give myself 30 minutes to read a book. This activates my brain in a completely different way than journaling. Then I'll do a 10-20 minute meditation...I like to use guided meditation podcasts right now I am enjoying 'Meditation Oasis'. I also like the meditation app 'Headspace'...this is a great one especially if you're new to meditation.

Then I do an at home yoga practice. To help me stay accountable I took on a 30 day yoga challenge through I've got to say she is the best yoga instructor I've come across live or online. She's genuine, real, always makes me laugh, and just a very calming effect about her. She's not just saying something because it's part of a schpill or how she was taught to talk. It's completely her and she's very true to herself. This yoga series has been the best way to start my day. It's not intensive and is a beautiful way to wake up my body before sitting in front of my computer for hours. 

I do allow myself to be flexible when it comes to my routine when need be. I don't make myself feel guilty if I don't do one or a few of these things. I've done the work to know that when I follow this routine I feel my very best throughout my day. The one thing I rarely ever falter on is my journal entry...for me this is the most important and I always make time for it even if it means waking up ridiculously early. 

I encourage everyone to find a routine that works for them. It will be a recipe that is unique to you. Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed by what others suggest you should do, take it for what it is, a suggestion...and start experimenting. 

Time to Collect


I'll give you time, he says
But this time is borrowed
You'll have to give it back someday
and when that is
You have no choice
But for how you use it, you do
Use it wisely, he says
I can't tell you how
But I've been in this business for quite some time
I've seen a thing or two
Let me give you a little tip
Society will try to tell you how to use it
Don't let it
When you have the choice to stay up late drinking whisky into a campfire lit night or go to sleep; 
Stay up!
You'll sleep when I come to collect.
When you have the choice to dance naked on the beach
When you must choose between buying the house or seeing the world
See the world
When you have the choice to settle for a "safe" mediocre life vacant of fire and passion.
This life is a gamble
And many people around you will double down on retirement
But you don't have to
Many will forget that I lent them this time. 
Many forget that I will always come to take what is mine.
- Father Time