Pets, Bras, and Selfies.

My life is packed with uncertainty there's adventure lurking around every corner and it's time I begin sharing it all with you. I'm going to begin by telling you there will be no posts about how cute my pets are (especially since I don’t have any), no discussions about the difference between jeggings and leggings and anything of that nature, or selfies showcasing how good I look in a sports bra. There will be copious posts about stand up paddling, river surfing, and the like. If that's not your thing, coming from a girl who rarely turns down a cold one and loves throwing herself into many questionable and elaborate missions the stories should keep you around. Showcasing what it means to live an extraordinary life full of unexpected twists and turns  and inspiring you to live it up is my mission. I'm trying to make my way in this world 'surviving the dream' as some may call it, and I'm having the best time doing it.