The Mountains and Me

I’ve always had such big dreams. Living life like the world could end. The problem is I’m always looking for the next best thing; making it hard to truly be in the moment. There are very few things in life that allow me to turn off time. When I wake up to the dramatic stance of the  mountain ranges towering over me basking in all the suns glory piercing the pink morning sky  I feel empowered to take on my day. It’s also  almost like I’m being mocked by something that is much greater than me and will always be way beyond my understanding. These mountains seem to hold wisdom, the kind of wisdom you can’t understand until you’ve earned each and every foot of elevation to the summit. Even then, when sitting on top of the world, my insignificance is magnified. But I feel the safest I’ve ever felt anywhere. In the raised hands of the earth you get a glimpse of what life is like in the clouds with the birds. It’s here where there is nothing better. I can’t think about the past or the future. Time does not exist. If I were to die here it would be the most beautiful and peaceful of deaths. That trip into the unknown made that much easier because you’re already that much closer to the heavens.