Onto the Next...

Photo Credit: Scott Martin

Photo Credit: Scott Martin

I'm at DIA...again. I remember coming to airports as a child and loving every second of it. Going to the airport filled me with this jittery excitement that I still get to this day. It's like that floaty space in between the wake and dreaming state, a small temporary space of weirdness and unfamiliarity before being transported to dream land. 

I wanted to know where people were coming from, where they were going to, and why. I wanted to sit and stare shamelessly at all the different colors, styles, expressions, and movements. I wanted to listen to people’s conversations, absorbing all the accents and languages. The airport fed my curiosity of the world and all the cultures that inhabit it.  

In the past three months I’ve been in and out of airports more times than I can count on two hands. It seemed like it took forever to get here, but this is the life I’ve dreamt of since my very first visit to the airport. I’m so happy to be back and onto the next. 

My time in Colorado was brief but long enough so I didn't lose my momentum from the last trip. I visited my family, had a couple rest days, recharged some batteries, and even managed to get some turns in on my snowboard.

This afternoon I'll be landing in San Jose, Costa Rica to begin a new chapter of my life. I'll be working with Paddle9 for the Winter. The success of their business and increased popularity has allowed them to bring on a new team member, ME. I'm so excited for this new experience and opportunity to continue doing what I love.

I really don’t have any idea what to expect. I’ve never been to South or Central America. My actions in preparing for the Winter has extended to me buying the plane ticket and packing my bags. I hope to be on the water every day, doing yoga as much as possible, eating fresh fruit and fish, making life-long friends, falling asleep to the sounds of the rain forest, writing often, and sharing my love for stand up paddling with as many people as possible.