Nominated for SUP The Mag's Female Paddler of the Year

Photo: Heather Jackson

Photo: Heather Jackson

I've been nominated for SUP The Mag's 'Female Paddler of the Year'.  I feel so honored to be in the line-up with some of the most badass charging chicas in the paddling world. This year was very different from most. We just finished the film 'Can I Surf That' (also nominated for film of the year!) and spent the Summer showing it to our paddling community. It's the most vulnerable I've ever felt. I put my entire soul into this project and I was terrified! 

Many people told us it wasn't possible, that we were in way over our heads, and I agree with them on the later. But despite that, we did it! We are four women who love what we do, love the people we do it with, and wanted to share it with, not only our community, but the world. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and I don't know how many times we doubted ourselves. But it goes to show, if you really, and I mean REALLY believe in something you can make it happen. Never be afraid to ask for help, push through all the negativity, keep reminding yourself of your purpose, and have a solid support system.

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Thank you for all your support and everyone who backed the film!!! I can't express my gratitude. 

To Health and Highwater,