It's Hard to feel Unique

Photographer: Paul Clark

Photographer: Paul Clark

I’m getting a Sprinter van and will be living in a van down by the river; this has been my dream ever since I became a river rat. I had an idea... 

“I could start a blog about my adventures in my van…” 

Great idea? Not so much. 

I scroll through Pinterest looking for van conversions; there’s some good stuff in there…hmmm a lot of people have van Pinterest boards. 

Then I had a gander at Instagram, and as I typed in @van a long list of results appeared below. Ok, so vanlifers are a dime a dozen. They all blog and they all essentially have the same feed polluted with #vanporn. Vintage photo of van in the woods. Laying in van looking out to some ridiculous view. Cooking in my van. Driving my van. Here I am on top of my van. Dog in van. French press coffee in my van. 

Needless to say, I’m not making any plans to start an IG feed all about vanlife. It’s become a trend and out of all the trends I’ve experienced in my lifetime this is probably one of the best. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not annoyed that the market for van bloggers is rather saturated. 

It’s hard to not be discouraged. All this content starts to raise the questions: 

“Am I really unique?”

“Is my life or lifestyle really that special?”

“Why would people choose me out of the millions?”

But! I shall not walk into that cold dark deep abyss of doubt and I shall rise above all the pretty van photos, all the blogs, all the vlogs, and build something that is me. And maybe, just maybe my van doesn’t have to be the heart of my success.  Van life here I come!!!