The Badass Women in my Life: Nadia Almuti

Photographer: Zach Mahone

Photographer: Zach Mahone

You are who you surround yourself with. I heard this awhile back, I can’t remember from where, but I believe it to be true. Ever since I heard this I am very careful and very selective of those that I surround myself with. This is a series tribute, highlighting all the strong women in my life. 

Nadia Almuti
With hair kinked and curly, a smile and laugh that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside she is one of the most positive forces I have ever encountered. She’s probably the one person who is able to keep up with me and one up me in both the realm of drinking and paddling. She can keep it together in times of discomfort and knows how to bring me back to reality when I’m taking myself too seriously. 

When I’m questioning something Nadia will give it a casual shrug and paddle into that class IV rapid or have another shot. We can parade along a Costa Rican beach in the middle of the night sipping from a bottle of vodka, run naked into the ocean, and stumble our drunk asses home. If I decide it’d be a good idea to moon someone she’d be right there next to me with her ass out of her pants.

If I’m feeling lazy and plan on leaving my wet river gear in a messy smelly pile she’ll be the one to put up a dry-line and hang up my gear. This is why I call her my river wife. While I’m having my slow morning, drinking coffee, and journaling she has rolled up my sleeping pad and packed away the tent. 

She cooks like a fucking champion and can make a gourmet meal out of nothing. Where I would just roll up some lunch meat in cheese she’ll have home-made spring rolls waiting at the take-out. 

Nadia did all the electrical work in her house and tiled her kitchen. If she doesn’t know how to do it she’ll learn. 

We are the same in many ways but she is someone I look up to; she gives me strength and always knows how to pull me out of any slump that I may be in. 

She’s thrifty and lives a life free of superficial desires and a thirst for adventure. 

She is one of the most special and unique people in my life and I am so grateful to have a friendship with her free of judgment and full of shenanigans.