Outdoor Retailer: Five Products I'm Most Excited About

We just got back from Outdoor Retailer! O.R. is a great time to get inspired, reconnect with people, and get excited about new products in the outdoor industry. Here's five of some of the products I came across that I'm the most excited about. Stay tuned for another list of the products that I'm want to but can't talk about just yet. 

Badfish RiverShred

Badfish is coming out with a new inflatable whitewater board the Rivershred!!! This is huge news and I'm so pumped to have a whitewater board that I can travel with and kicks ass in whitewater like the 9'0" MVP. It comes in two sizes 9'6" and 8'6" as well as different thicknesses. Check out the video below for all the specs and to see it in action! (www.badfishsup.com)

All you know I live in my van and I'm damn proud of it. But sometimes I go at least a week without showering. Considering a swim in the river sufficient enough. I've seen the solar showers but there's not enough power in them to get the soap out of my hair. The rinse kit has a high pressure shower head which makes it my van shower of choice. (www.rinsekit.com)

Coala Tree's Kachula Blanket

Coala Tree is based out of Colorado creating product that's organic and sustainable. The Kachula blanket is there newest addition to their product line. It's up now as a Kickstarter which they've already received backing well over their goal. The blanket is virtually waterproof, sand, water, and dirt comes off in a shake. It's difficult to keep things clean in the van...this is a blanket I can take outside without being worried about bringing the outside in. It's not available yet but look for it in the upcoming months! Meanwhile, check out the rest of Coala Tree's product...their now offering some really great women's wear and hammocks. (www.coalatree.com)

Wilderness fragrances made from personally harvested plants. Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. I attach a lot of my life experiences to smells and when I smelled some of Juniper Ridges fragrances I immediately felt emotional and was transported to locations that hold a special place in my heart. I'm so excited to fill my van and cover my body with their fragrances. (www.juniperridge.com)

Green Goo

reen Goo has an entire line of salves all created from organically grown herbs and plants. They have a goo for everything from first aid, pain relief, solar, skin care, the list goes on. Not one of their products comes from pre-made extracts they infuse all of their oils with fresh and dried herbs. Not only can I have confidence that my skin isn't absorbing any harmful chemicals but I can be sure that the river will not be impacted by any of Green Goo's product that will be washed off into it. (www.greengoohelps.com)