Submitting My Work

Photographer: Heather Jackson (Shrednest Productions) 

Photographer: Heather Jackson (Shrednest Productions) 

This month my first major eight-page spread came out in SUP the Mag. The article is called 'Spirited Away' and it's about my journey in Japan. I've had an article published in the magazine before but it was more of a technical piece. This was a story, with a timeline and everything. Needless to say, this is a big deal to me. It's given me the confidence to push forward with my writing. 

I'm taking this Winter to write. Not with the intention on making money off of it just to explore my creativity a bit more, uncover my style. I'm choosing not to put financial pressure--killer of creativity--on my work. 

With that said, I've written an article about my time in Costa Rica and it feels strong--start to finish. Heather was in Costa with me for a little over a week so I've got a nice collection of photography to compliment it. We thought why not try to pitch it to a few magazines. 

Today, I will be pitching a finished article to a number of publications. Formally submitting an article is a first for me and it's a lot more challenging than I would have thought. Many ask for just a paragraph summary of the entire piece. Writing something that sets you apart from the others and squeezing it into a tiny paragraph is an intimidating task. But I'm up for it! 

If you know of any publications that I should submit to please let me know in the comments below. Thanks everyone! Wish me luck!