Time to Collect


I'll give you time, he says
But this time is borrowed
You'll have to give it back someday
and when that is
You have no choice
But for how you use it, you do
Use it wisely, he says
I can't tell you how
But I've been in this business for quite some time
I've seen a thing or two
Let me give you a little tip
Society will try to tell you how to use it
Don't let it
When you have the choice to stay up late drinking whisky into a campfire lit night or go to sleep; 
Stay up!
You'll sleep when I come to collect.
When you have the choice to dance naked on the beach
When you must choose between buying the house or seeing the world
See the world
When you have the choice to settle for a "safe" mediocre life vacant of fire and passion.
This life is a gamble
And many people around you will double down on retirement
But you don't have to
Many will forget that I lent them this time. 
Many forget that I will always come to take what is mine.
- Father Time