Surf Dolores

The chase is on! I was in the desert in Moab for the past couple weeks and was starting to get a bit antsy for surf. My friend Tyler Lausten messaged me about a wave on the Dolores River, just minutes from his families farm, that was in and begging to be surfed. So I said adios to Moab and hit the road eager to get back on my board. 

First we hit Durango, it was it's typical rowdy self but still a blast. The next day I surfed the Dolores river for the first time and I have to admit it was better the Ponderosa wave in Durango (at 2300 cfs). The other bonus was having it all to ourselves. The window for this wave is very short. The mouth of the river empties into a big lake just half a mile downstream, once the water starts to flow they begin to fill up the reservoir flooding the river making it esentially part of the lake. 

I felt very fortunate to catch this wave and am so happy to have friends that have an obsession with river surfing like I do. Thank you Tyler for showing me the ropes and sharing your spot with me!