Living in a Van in the City Sucks

Take me back to the Mountains!! 

Take me back to the Mountains!! 

Living in a van in the city sucks. I've been living in the Sprinter for the past two weeks in the heart of Calgary and it's really starting to bum me out. Usually, I don't have bad things to say about #vanlife and that's because I really do love it. I love the freedom, the simplicity, the mobility, and the adventure that comes with it. But in the city those things are more of a pain in the ass than an exciting adventure. Let me count the ways in which it sucks...

1. Going to the bathroom outside is not easy, frowned upon, and a crime. My morning consists of me getting dressed as quickly as possible whilst doing the pee dance. Jumping on my skateboard and racing to the coffee shop to do my business. Skating while having to pee is REALLY hard. 

2. Mornings are often my favorite. Usually I park my house somewhere with plenty of trees and possibly by a babbling brook. I'll start my jet boil, fill my french press with fresh ground coffee beans, and set up my camp chair and journal for an hour. Doing this in the city could mean the neighborhood watch getting called on my ass. Setting up my lawn chair in someone's front yard probably wouldn't go over well either. 

3. I spend every morning in a coffee shop, which is fine, but also expensive. 

4. Seeing everyone with their homes, cars, and 9-5 jobs makes me feel like a bum. The city has always had this sort of effect on me. It makes me feel like I'm a fuck-up with no direction and living in the van in the city amplifies this. Mountain towns are full of fellow van dwellers, people who get it. 

5. Being worried all the time about being busted for parking overnight. 

It's only five reasons but they are five very big reasons. This is more motivation for me to make the van more livable (i.e: kicthen, work desk, compostable toliet). But honestly, if you can avoid living in a van in the city for long periods of time I would recommend driving the extra thirty or forty minutes outside of it. Ready for the weekend of camping up in the rockies for the Slam Festival!!