Women on the Road Podcast Interview

About a month ago I was interviewed by the Women on the Road podcast. We talked about my accident, river surfing, and my road to recovery. I really enjoyed listening to it and was pleasantly surprised to see they sneaked in an interview with Natali Zollinger, my business partner and friend. She was the only one that was there when it all went down. Even though I had heard her perspective before it was nice to hear it again. It certainly made me emotional.

I believe I will be telling this story for a long time. I don’t mind talking about it, it’s a gentle reminder of how lucky I am. It can be so easy to fall victim to the whole “woe is me, life is so hard”. It’s great to have a something to bring you back to Earth and give you perspective on how good you have it.

If you’d like to listen hit the play button below or visit this link https://she-explores.com/women-on-the-road/episode-41-letting-go-surfing-rivers/