Something To Fight For

These women are the definition of strength. Like Sarah, my western view on Afghan women always made me feel sorry for these women. Rather than seeing them as warriors I saw them as helpless victims to unfair societal laws of oppression. To look fear in the face as these women do and to risk their lives for rights like riding a bicycle, rights that we take for granted, that is true strength. I look up to these women and I look up to Sarah for overcoming her fears to tell the story of these beautiful women.  

On the Road. Tired. Hungry. Inspired.

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Texas. I've been on the road for four days now headed for Colorado with a couple of beautiful and talented women. We are all three cleansing during this road trip, nothing but liquids (Lemon, cayenne, and maple syrup mixed with water). I'm really fucking hungry and exhausted. We all are. 

My focus right now is on the film  'Can I Surf That' and writing the narration. Heather's been busting her ass with the editing now it's my turn to show up with the narration. So, the blogging is going to be a lot more of short blurbs/photos/videos until I'm finished. I need some inspiration, the words are just not flowing. But this trailer of Sierra Quitiquit  'How Did I Get Here' is just the inspiration I need. This girl knows how to live and is the definition of what it means to be a woman in this beautiful time. Thank you Sierra for being my inspiration!