My Sunday Muse: Aloha Florida

Some of you may now already, but I'm headed back to the mountains. Florida has been good to me. I worked at a great surf shop with some amazing people. Got closer to my family here in the Sunshine state and got better acquainted with the ocean, although we still have a long way to go. I'm not sure if I'll ever feel as comfortable in the ocean as I do in the river but I respect it immensely and can't wait for another chance to get lost in it's vastness and power. 

I'll be hitting the road tomorrow morning with Natali Zollinger and Heidi Ho in the Sprinter van. In the spirit of road tripping and moving onto the next chapter of my life, this video and song couldn't be more appropriate. It's a clip from the surf film 'A Broke Down Melody'. One of my favorite quotes "nothing ever stays the same. You can’t build fences around life. It’s just an ongoing process. All you’ve got to do is keep paddling…simple"

The 'Can I Surf That' Trailer!

Yesterday myself and the rest of the 'Can I Surf That' ladies rang in the New Year by launching the film's official trailer. It's been two years in the making, we're getting closer and closer to the finished product and we couldn't be more satisfied with how it's turning out. I say it all the time but I can't believe we got this far. Not that I didn't believe we could do it, it just seems like yesterday when it was nothing but an idea. Now here we are, making a movie! 

Heather Jackson, who shot and edited the film (my best friend), amazes and inspires me. She is one of the strongest people I know. This woman is finishing up her degree in video production while simultaneously editing an entire film basically solo. I remember when she would tell others in the same field as her about this project and her role in it. They all thought she was crazy and in over her head. At times, she believe them. There were many moments of self doubt but she pushed through it like a fucking champion. She's a visionary and flawlessly captures the things we tend to overlook highlighting their beauty helping us see the world in a new light. I love her with my entire being and can't express how proud I am of her. Thank you Heather (wifey) for being such a tremendous influence in my life and being by my side through all the crazy crazy shit. Enough of my sappiness, here's the trailer...PLEASE ENJOY!

Me and my Wifey. 

Me and my Wifey. 

A River Surfer

Neil Egsgard surfing Skookumchuck

Neil Egsgard surfing Skookumchuck

A river surfer doesn’t boast.

A river surfer doesn’t believe in local entitlement.

A river surfer sees possibility in every wave.

A river surfer has legs and knees painted black and blue.

A river surfer reads CFS gauges instead of tide charts.

A river surfer doesn’t care if you surf with a paddle, kayak, or body board.

A river surfer knows having cold beer on hand is just as important as a board repair kit and a fin key.

A river surfer doesn’t care if you’re the best surfer in town. 

A river surfer looks out for her/his river people. 

A river surfer knows broken fin boxes come with the territory.

A river surfer has mastered ding repair.

A river surfer’s best friend is eddy. 

A river surfer doesn’t care if you’re a beginner or a professional.

A river surfer is an innovator.

A river surfer sees every wave as a puzzle.

A river surfer doesn’t care about expensive boards.

A bloody river surfer goes uneaten. 

A river surfer shares their knowledge.

A river surfer doesn’t give a shit about the weather.

A river surfer doesn’t care if you’re local or not.

A river surfer IS a surfer.

Zack Hughes, co-owner of  Badfish Stand Up Paddle  catching air on his 6'11" river surfer. 

Zack Hughes, co-owner of Badfish Stand Up Paddle catching air on his 6'11" river surfer. 

Jacob Kelly from Surf Anywhere sharing the wave. 

Jacob Kelly from Surf Anywhere sharing the wave.