My Sunday Muse: I'm Home

I arrived home last night. Yesterday we cruised through the rocky mountains. The wide open spaces and quiet made me feel free again. I swear I had butterflies in my stomach the entire time. It feels good to be back. I picked this song and video from 'Bronze Radio Return' because it preaches what I believe. Lead your own path and no matter how hard it gets, keep pushing further on. So happy to be back! Mountains mountains mountains mountains mountains mountains. YIPEEEEE!

My Sunday Muse: Aloha Florida

Some of you may now already, but I'm headed back to the mountains. Florida has been good to me. I worked at a great surf shop with some amazing people. Got closer to my family here in the Sunshine state and got better acquainted with the ocean, although we still have a long way to go. I'm not sure if I'll ever feel as comfortable in the ocean as I do in the river but I respect it immensely and can't wait for another chance to get lost in it's vastness and power. 

I'll be hitting the road tomorrow morning with Natali Zollinger and Heidi Ho in the Sprinter van. In the spirit of road tripping and moving onto the next chapter of my life, this video and song couldn't be more appropriate. It's a clip from the surf film 'A Broke Down Melody'. One of my favorite quotes "nothing ever stays the same. You can’t build fences around life. It’s just an ongoing process. All you’ve got to do is keep paddling…simple"