Innegra Build and what it means for the 2015 Badfish Boards

I'm a freak about composite boards on the river, I LOVE EM! For surfing and whitewater nothing comes close in responsiveness as a composite.

There really aren't many composite boards out there that can come out of the river unscathed. Some may say the solution to that would be to go with a plastic roto-mold design but there aren't any (that I've paddled) that aren't clunky, heavy, and difficult to control (especially by someone my size). 

Badfish has experimented with many different impact resistant materials and they've found a fiber that's both strong, lightweight, and impact resistant...Innegra. Innegra has been used in motor sports, military enforcement, and now stand up paddle boards. It's going to be just the thing that's been missing from the whitewater board design. So now you can have high-performance without cringing every time you come close to or bump a rock. 

This means the MVP is going to be lighter while maintaining it's durability. This is huge and will make hiking rapids a much more appealing venture! Also, the River Surfers will have a Carbon/Innegra  build so no more chips, even more responsiveness than before, and lighter. 

It's going to be huge for Badfish and a definite step up in the game of whitewater SUP and river surfing board construction. You'll be able to get on some of these boards and see for yourself at Colorado Kayak Supply's 'Paddlefest' in Buena Vista, CO. Or, if you sign up for mine and Natali's clinics we'll be providing Badfish boards to make sure you're on boards that will set you up for success. 

I'm super excited for the 2015 line-up and so happy to be part of such an innovative river stand up paddle board company like Badfish. 

Badfish Cobra 6'6" surfer

Badfish Cobra 6'6" surfer

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A River Surfer

Neil Egsgard surfing Skookumchuck

Neil Egsgard surfing Skookumchuck

A river surfer doesn’t boast.

A river surfer doesn’t believe in local entitlement.

A river surfer sees possibility in every wave.

A river surfer has legs and knees painted black and blue.

A river surfer reads CFS gauges instead of tide charts.

A river surfer doesn’t care if you surf with a paddle, kayak, or body board.

A river surfer knows having cold beer on hand is just as important as a board repair kit and a fin key.

A river surfer doesn’t care if you’re the best surfer in town. 

A river surfer looks out for her/his river people. 

A river surfer knows broken fin boxes come with the territory.

A river surfer has mastered ding repair.

A river surfer’s best friend is eddy. 

A river surfer doesn’t care if you’re a beginner or a professional.

A river surfer is an innovator.

A river surfer sees every wave as a puzzle.

A river surfer doesn’t care about expensive boards.

A bloody river surfer goes uneaten. 

A river surfer shares their knowledge.

A river surfer doesn’t give a shit about the weather.

A river surfer doesn’t care if you’re local or not.

A river surfer IS a surfer.

Zack Hughes, co-owner of  Badfish Stand Up Paddle  catching air on his 6'11" river surfer. 

Zack Hughes, co-owner of Badfish Stand Up Paddle catching air on his 6'11" river surfer. 

Jacob Kelly from Surf Anywhere sharing the wave. 

Jacob Kelly from Surf Anywhere sharing the wave.