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Ride the Swell Podcast

Ride the Swell is a traveling podcast hosted by Brittany Parker. She's been part of the river surfing community for seven years and has built her life around it. Although, this podcasts theme is about river surfing you can expect to hear stories that would inspire anyone. Join her as she interviews other river surfers, board shapers, wave engineers, and pioneers.


Episode 2: The Waveshaper

Ryan Richard was the perfect first interview for ‘Ride the Swell’. As the former wave shaper for Boise and current shaper for the Bend wave Ryan has seen river surfing communities go from a trickle to a raging river. In this podcast we touch on how he got what seems like the perfect gig for a river surfer, challenges he’s faced as the one who is literally responsible for other people’s fun, and how we went from a six figure salary to working for the city on a $9.00/hr rate.

I’m really excited about this interview and I still have a dozen questions I’d like to ask Ryan so I may have to have him on again in the future.

You will be able to listen to this Episode 2 in iTunes…but I’ve been having some difficulties. I will announce on my social media platforms once this issue is resolves. So for now it’s just soundcloud.

Bend Webcam Link: http://eyeonbend.wixsite.com/eobcams/copy-of-old-mill-2
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Intro Song ‘When I See You’
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