My Sponsors



Badfish Stand Up Paddle

Badfish is a grassroots stand up paddle board company based out of Salida, CO. I've been with them since the beginning of my paddling career and I've never looked back. They make the best whitewater and SUP river surfing boards out there! 


Astral Designs

Astral makes the best lifejackets and whitewater shoes in the industry hands down! Pretty much if I'm wearing shoes they're probably Astrals on and off the water.

Skoop Logo.jpg

Healthy Skoop

Skoop is a plant-based powder nutritional company. A startup based out of Boulder, CO. I live in my van so sometimes it's difficult to maintain a healthy diet, Skoop helps keep me healthy and they support a good cause. 3% of their gross sales goes to product produce. They are working hard to help ensure that students are getting healthy clean food provided to them in student lunches. 



Watershed has been a core American made brand of the whitewater community for so many years. Their dry bags are durable and reliable...I wouldn't use anything else.


Werner Paddles

One of the things I love about Werner is even with all of their success they have continued to manufacture all of their paddles within the United States. They make a paddle for everyone even those of us with the tiny hands. Check out their line of small-fit paddles. 


TriggerPoint Therapy

During the season I'm on the water just about every day which means recovery is crucial. Mobility has proven to be the best recovery method for me. I'll often times spend an hour rolling out with TP Therpy products after a day on the water.


Heidi Michele Designs

Heidi Michele Designs makes artisan hats that are hand sewn and based on some of their favorite places in nature. You can also find beautiful pins, patches, and earrings all designed by Heidi. 



AndShesDopeToo is a world-wide adventure collective of women. We believe in the strength of community and in the power that nature has to heal us all. Our mission is to empower and support women everywhere, as well as defend our many animals and protect our beautiful earth.


IceMule Coolers

IceMule makes insulated coolers that look like drybags. They roll up like a dry bag. I took my Icemule with me to Zimbabwe, it sat in a hot truck all day in 110 degrees and kept my beers and bottle of ice freezing cold. They strap to my board easily and are ideal for van life when space is limited. 

Khala Cloths

I'm all about aligning myself with brands that make the world a better place and Khala Cloths does just that. They're mission is to replace all plastic food preserving products with their beeswax cloths. Check them out! 

Local Honey Designs

Swimwear made for all body types and athletic women. 


All of Coalatree's products are made from organic cottons and other eco-friendly materials. They are an adventure and outdoor lifestyle brand with everything from hammocks to jackets.