Give Me Your F*%k Yeahs

Photographer: Paul Clark 

Photographer: Paul Clark 

I don’t want to see your before and after photos

I want to see the stretch marks

The beautiful craters that dip into your skin like blemishes on a surfboard

The dirt under your fingernails tells me you're the kind of girl that has a thirst for life and a wild spirit. 

I want the waves in your hair to be the product of salt and sun

Not curling irons and hairspray

You can keep your diets, your expensive clothes and hair, your pretty cars, and your decked out Ikea homes.

I'm thirsty for substance

To lay next to you and hear about that time you really fucked up

To hear about your dreams and your plans to make them real

I'm not interested in your can'ts and shants

I'm here to support your "fuck yeahs!" and your "let's fucking do this!"

I'll cry with you and hold you if that's what you need 

But I won't let you disappear 

Because you're meant to be up here with me 

Laughing with your whole body 

Singing loudly 

and watching the sunset.