Photographer:  Heather Jackson

Photographer: Heather Jackson

If I walk around without a bra
I’m not doing it to entertain your testosterone driven fantasies
This isn’t for you
It’s for me
We’ve come a long way from the corsets
the clothing meant to hold everything in
We’re in a time where the woman
and all of her parts can be free
Where we can ask the guy out
or get down on one knee. 
Where we can find power in our sexuality instead of shame
I remember how cruel the boys were in Highschool
While they were glorified we were shunned
 Tossing us aside as used goods
Some of us don’t know the power we hold
Some of us still hide the most beautiful parts of ourselves
The sting of their judgments pushing into our ribs
like the underwire in our bras
Their arms there to "catch us" 
After passing out from the tightened strings around our waist
Cinched by their own ideals of what a WOMAN is suppose to look like.
But I AM what a woman is suppose to look like
I AM 100% in my power
Are you?