I Will Never Close my Eyes Again

Photographer:  Scott Martin

Photographer: Scott Martin

I've had this fever for years
This insatiable hunger
A thirst that I couldn't quench
I could barely stand on my own two legs.
Weighted down
And robbed of life
From guilt
From shame
There's a pressure to be
To want it
To fake it
And you were on top of me
But I could no longer see you
I closed my eyes and saw her
I was haunted by a woman
With a spirit that stretched far and wide
She shook her head as I cowered from her truth
Sinking deeper into this bed
She walked tall
She danced like no one was watching even when they were. 
She loved many
Surrounded by kindered spirits
Belonging to no one
She swayed in the wind
and flowed with the river
I opened my eyes
As you rolled over to sleep
I walked to the river she flowed from
Immersed myself
and emerged
Cleansed from every lie I ever told
I laid back down beside you
Kissed you on the cheek
And knew I would never have to close my eyes again.