The HeartBeat


The pulse from this wild community 
Courses through my veins 
I know the excitement from towering sky scrapers 
The glare of the sun reflecting off the windows 
And feeding what some would consider the heartbeat of this world
A place built by human hands and machinery 
But not for me  
The heartbeat exists 
Where the road ends 
And the adventure begins
The heartbeat exists deep in the canyons 
And high on the mountain tops 
The heartbeat exists 
Amongst giants built by thousands of years of wind and water
The heartbeat exists
In a bar where everyone is dressed in puffys and fleece 
Where conversations are driven by nature and the gear you used to experience it 
There are slowly burning embers that live
In the most important parts of me 
If I stay away from that heart beat for too long
That heat
That fire vanishes 
I can only exist if
I’m in earshot of that heartbeat
Until my heart thumps 
In unison to the same beat