Mother River

Photographer:  Heather Jackson

Photographer: Heather Jackson

She let’s off some steam 
She’s moving all of the time I’m surprised she doesn’t do it more often 
She can navigate just about any terrain 
Making it hers
Sculpting it to shape each one of her moods 
She can be a wild bitch 
But she always holds space 
For those seeking refuge 
A surrogate to many 
She’d never snuff out a chance at life 
He tries to control her 
Building walls 
To make her stay 
Depriving her of her own right to fulfill her purpose
Wiping out those she had welcomed in
Stretching her so thin
She takes the shape of something she wasn’t meant to be
Despite not being able to recognize her anymore 
He holds to his barriers 
But what he doesn’t realize is her freedom 
Is what gave him life all along.