Convenient Love

You told me you loved me 
That I mattered more than most 
While my light shined 
And my life blossomed 
You loved me 
But my light became faint 
My life stagnant 
My body and spirit beat down 
And your love vanished 
I sat alone in darkness 
Questioning everything 
Unsure of my value 
And my identity 
The one thing I thought I would always know to be true 
Your love 
Had disappeared along with so many other things 
You discarded me 
When I could no longer pump thrill and laughter into your life 
This brought more pain into my body
Then my existing physical afflictions 
I’ve beat myself down
How could I be so naive?
How did I not see the signs? 
But Your love was real 
I felt it 
I saw it 
But only when it was convenient 
So I guess it wasn’t