Lose Balance, It's Okay

Photographer:  Heather Jackson  

Photographer: Heather Jackson 

Subconsciously I would run
Pushing away anything and anyone
That resembled a threat to my independence
I would run
Driven by fear of a codependency
that nauseates me
When I see it in others
Surrendering would be anti-feminist
Giving in would devalue all that is ME
Falling would mean a loss of freedom
Love means losing balance
Intersecting life stories
Fusing together
Why did nobody tell me this was okay?
That a woman can still find her strength
When she’s wrapped up in the arms of another
That she can still be the creator of her own story
Stories of which are always moving forward
Change is our constant
This is what I love about life
The movement
So here I am Losing balance
Not losing myself
But finding myself