I Don't Blame You

Years of fingers being pointed at me 
Conditioned to believe I am the broken one 
The one who puts her tail between her legs 
And accepts, ‘it must be me’
I’m sorry
While the finger pointers get off clean 
Their head held high 
Flashing their colors
Con artists 
Fooling many including themselves
They’ve been looking at their masked selves 
In the mirror for so long
They have forgotten what lies beneath 
But I don’t blame you 
I know you haven’t learned how to walk tall 
Dripping in the truth of you 
I know you have not built the strength 
To see your mistakes as lessons 
Instead of a weakness that must not be shown 
I do not blame you 
But I can no longer be your scapegoat 
I wish to keep moving forward 
Walking with a lightness
Because I’ve chosen to shed the layers 
The masks
And offer the world 
A me that knows what she’s worth 
That is no longer afraid of who she is.