Love Letter

A love letter sent
And not the email kind 
Or the hand it to you and I look at you
while you read it kind
No, the put a stamp on it kind 
To me, it doesn’t get more personal
Or romantic than that
And I’ve only ever sent one
I can still remember my shaky hand
And the insurmountable anxiety 
As I stood there holding it at the drop box
Half in, half out
Afraid of the committal moment 
Where my love is no longer in my possession 
But carried in the hands of a stranger 
Until delivered to the man
I’ve sent my love to
For those few days 
I didn’t know where to land
I was restless 
The purest part of me 
on a truck 
Headed towards uncertainty 
And then my love sat
Waiting for you in your mailbox
For, what felt like weeks, but was only hours
My phone rang
There you were
I could feel you holding my love in your hands
And as we talked 
You placed my love in a box 
Put it underneath your bed
And there it sits 
For what’s felt like decades