What do we do when my heart roams free 
And yours sits like the seed in the garden you tend to? 
I see no signs of slowing 
Despite all the feels I am still pulled in the opposite direction of you 
I only have space for a love that lets me roam free
My allegiance is to my childlike curiosity 
And although my love is strong
It’s as fluid as the rivers I have dedicated my life to 
I won’t live in the nook of your chest and shoulder every night
Although I will dream of being there when I’m not 
But when I come home 
You will see that my love has only grown 
You will see that I am yours because you’re the one I keep coming back to 
I can love you more fully 
because I myself am full
And we’ll sit on the porch drinking coffee 
Trusting and knowing 
That we were nobody other than who we were meant to be
And loved each other completely for it